Ballroom in Czartoryski Palace

Job Description

  • PROZAP Sp. z o.o. – EPC Contractor
  • Cooperation – KPRB “Puławy” S.A.
  • Ballroom – auditorium for approx. 200 persons

Scope of work

  • Performing the works in order to revamp and convert a ballrom into an auditorium for approx. 200 persons (reconstruction of ceiling – ballroom floor,
  • conversion of office space into cloak room, sanitary facilities, hall and maintenance rooms, adaptation of escape routes,
  • Procurement and supplying of materials and equipment
  • Assembly and startup of all systems as required
  • Submitting the acceptance protocol to Registered Buildings authorities and Voivodship Fire Prevention Inspector
  • Performing all necessary preliminary works (assembly of supports and scaffolding)
  • Transport of materials and equipment as well as secure storage