EPC Turn-key projects

EPC: Engineering Procurement Construction

An EPC contract (a.k.a. LSTK – lump sum turnkey) is commonly preferred formula of cooperation on complex projects when the owner does not require direct control over the execution of the project, on the contrary, the company just needs the plant to be erected so it performs the expected functions, the construction to be on time and within the budget. It is the EPC contractor’s job to make sure the engineering is sound, the right equipment is purchased, the construction is well organized to meet the deadlines, safe and cost-effective, the subcontractors perform as expected and finally the guarantee test is passed and the plant commissioned.

PROZAP offers, i.a. the following services within an EPC contract framework:

  • Selection of suitable technology
  • General concept studies
  • Authority engineering required to obtain Building Permit
  • Civil Design
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detail Engineering in all design disciplines
  • Construction (Construction subcontractor)
  • Supervision
  • Procurement of all necessary equipment
  • Commissioning
  • Manuals and personnel training
  • As Built Documentation