Cleaning Unit

Emission control

Scrubbing system for exit air from urea and ammonium nitrate prilling towers and granulators
  • Only 800 Pa pressure drop – lowest in the industry
  • Approximately 3 times lower energy consumption (compared to sieve trays scrubbers) – signifcantly reduced operation costs
  • High removal effciency: over 90% of dusts and over 90% of ammonia
  • Product retrieval for commercial purposes or recycling to system
  • Possible application for SOx, SO and H2SO4 as vapour and mist removal from sulphuric acid plant and power station off-gases
  • Future-proof – compliance of the plant with restrictive environmental regulations today and beyond
  • No limitations as to the capacity of the plant and the amount of off-gases to be treated
  • Fits well both new and old plants
  • Possible installation on the tower top or ground level

Selected reference projects

  • Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe „Pulawy” S.A.
    – Urea prilling tower
    – Two ammonium nitrate prilling towers
  • ANWIL SA, Włocławek
    – Ammonium nitrate prilling tower
  • AGROLINZ, Austria
    – Urea prilling tower
  • Al-Bayroni, SABIC, Saudi Arabia
    – Urea prilling tower

Request for Quotation

If you are interested in installing a CLEANING UNIT in your plant, we will be more than happy to prepare a technical and commercial proposal. Please use the section below in order to download and complete the questionnaire, which will help us in preparing a proposal tailored to your specific needs.

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