PROZAP is the initiator and participant of many new initiatives. As a supporting member of SITPChem Pulawy in cooperation with the Association it took the initiative to promote knowledge of standardization among the engineers of Pulawy. The effect of1 cooperation PROZAP SITPChem Pulawy was organization of a meeting with representatives of the Polish Committee for Standardization, which took place on September 25th this year. Our guests on this day were: Dr. Eng. Tomasz Schweitzer – President of the Polish Committee for Standardization, Mrs. Anna Stankowska – Director of the Certification Division of PKN and Ms. Ewa Zielinska – Director of the Department of External Relations of PKN.

The participants of the meeting were executives of Zaklady Azotowe “Pulawy” SA, PROZAP, the remaining affilitated companies, Fertilizer Research Institute and Mostostal Pulawy. Mr. Schweitzer in his speech discussed the current issues within the standardization systems in the world, Europe and Poland. Polish Committee for Standardization, as a member of many standards organizations in Europe and worldwide, participates in the creation of standardization documents in many areas. During the presentation of Dr. Eng. Schweitzer the participants could familiarize themselves with the issues of the current organization of standardization systems.

The president reminded of the PKN role in standardization and the benefits of the use of standards and participation in standardization work.   Anna Stankowska spoke about the Mark of Conformity with the Polish Standard, criteria for product certification and the advantages of having such a certificate. The meeting was concluded by a discussion and exchange of views on the relationship and differences between the standards and regulations which our engineering staff is faced with in their daily work.