5800 Mt UAN storage and handling facilities

In February 2015 in Człuchów, Poland there took place a commissioning of a new 5800 tonne liquid fertilizer (UAN) storage and handling facilites, property of Agrochem Puławy. The turn-key investment project was executed by PROZAP.

The main purpose of the facility is storing of liquid fertilizer (UAN), delivered by railroad from Grupa Azoty production plants, maintaining favourable parameters of the product in storage and loading of the fertilizer onto road transport (tankers).

Scope of work:

  • Turn-key project
  • PROZAP – EPC Contractor
  • Functional and Spatial Design
  • Comprehensive technical documentation in all branches
  • Procurement and management of suppliers
  • Construction management
  • Supervistion

More information can be found in an article in Rynek Inwestycji Magazine (issue no. 9-10/2015) (in Polish)