PROZAP signs cooperation agreement with ZUT

On June 24th 2021 in Szczecin, Poland, PROZAP Sp. z o. o. and the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin signed a cooperation agreement on the organization of student internships. Adepts of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical and Mechatronics, Chemical Technology and Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering will be able to take part in paid internships at the design company, Police branch office of PROZAP, located in Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne “Police” S.A. On the part of PROZAP Sp. z o. o. the contract was executed by the CEO, Arkadiusz Sułek, and on the part of ZUT, the Rector, professor DSc. Eng. Jacek Wróbel.

“The agreement signed today is an important element of our strategy of refreshing and replenishing our staff. We want to cooperate in order to thoroughly educate future engineers who will not only be able to design well, but also understand the business. Students will be able to find a job with us that will allow them to learn how to design and convert the acquired theoretical knowledge into practice in the largest industrial plant in the region,” says Arkadiusz Sułek.

“The agreement is not only about internships. It contains very important arrangments from the point of view of the functioning and activities of the university, i.e. scientific and educational cooperation, research, staff training, but also the use of skills of both PROZAP employees and the use of our teaching staff and cooperation in scientific research, which will bring material benefits to both entities, because we, as a technology university, develop our research into patents, designs and new technologies,” explains the Rector Jacek Wróbel.

Photos courtesy of: Wojciech Ochrymiuk, Radio Szczecin