PROZAP receives SITPChem’s Medal of Honour

By the decision of the Main Board of Stowarzyszenie Inżynierów i Techników Przemysłu Chemicznego (Association of Engineers and Technicians of Chemical Industry) of 20 September 2017, PROZAP Sp. z o. o. was honoured with the SITPCHem Medal of Honour for supporting the initiatives undertaken by the Puławy Branch of SITPChem, collaboration in organizing conferences and symposia and financial assistance in carrying out the statutory activities of SITPChem members.

The staff of the engineering bureau and then PROZAP Sp. z o. o., have been members of the local SITPChem community since 1967, actively participating in its activities, eg. by helping to organize conferences and symposia (eg. the “Granulacja” Symposium), participation in statutory bodies of the Branch Board and the General Board.

About SITPChem

SITPChem is a continuation of the activities of the Związek Inżynierów Chemików Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej (Association of Chemical Engineers of the Republic of Poland), established in 1927, and its activities aimed at building of the professional community of chemists, working for and supporting the development of the chemical industry as well as the social and economic significance of chemistry. The mission of the Association is to promote and disseminate engineering knowledge and economic patriotism, with a focus on the interests of engineers, technicians and the chemical industry. The Association operates in Warsaw and in the 23 SITPChem Branches throughout Poland.