PROZAP acclaimed the best engineering company in Poland in 2013. Medals for engineers.

Design and engineering company PROZAP Sp. z o.o., part of Grupa Puławy received the title of “Best Design Company of 2013”. The title was awarded by the Chamber of Construction Designing. By the decision of the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski, three designers of the engineering company received gold, silver and bronze medals for their service.

The distinction for our company we received in 2013, when we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our firm, is a source of great satisfaction for us. In addition, it was a really successful year. In Puławy we commissioned a power plant flue gas desulphurisation unit (wet, ammonia process), a production plant of of liquid fertilizers with the addition of sulphur, and a product handling and logistic centre for granulated fertilizers – in all these projects we actively participated as a design unit. Other projects, such as the plant for the production of granulated fertilizers together with the logistic and storage complex  and a 15 000 tonnes ammonia storage tank were also in a well advanced phase, explains Marek Zatorski, PROZAP’s President and CEO. The main resource of our company is the people whose intellectual potential, experience and unwavering passion have a decisive influence on the success of PROZAP. Three significant national awards for our designers only confirm this, adds Zatorski.