PROZAP still plays fair

On December 4th 2009, PROZAP was awarded the „Business Fair Play” title and certificate. The bronze prize was received by The Board Proxy, Henryka Bałabuch-Radtke at the ceremony held in the Kongresowa Hall in Pałac Kultury i Nauki, Warsaw.
Apart from the laureate companies, the gala was attended by the state officials, voivodship marshals, diplomates and representatives of political and business bodies.

„We have continuously participated in the Business Fair Play programme for six years now”, says Maria Skorupka, PROZAP’s President and CEO. “Our clients appreciate our style of doing business, especially the fact that even in the hard market conditions we have to cope with nowadays our company still plays fair and fulfil our commitments on time”.

Business Fair Play is a nation-wide certification programme promoting promote ethics in business activities, understood as a set of standards of behaviour in the mutual relations of entrepreneurs with business partners, customers, employees, and shareholders, as well as the local community, local government and state authorities. It also supports the development of companies by promoting reliable and fair businesses, operating in accordance with the law and ethical principles. The participants are required to develop and create conditions promoting effective work and professional development for their employees, environmental care, actively participate in charitable undertakings, timely meeting their liabilities towards the State Treasury, not discredit their competitors and timely fulfil their commitments.