PROZAP at the Polish Chemistry Congress 2022

On 1-2 June 2022, PROZAP representatives took part in the 9th Polish Chemistry Congress, organized by the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry, which took place at Cukrownia Żnin (conference center on a post-industrial site of a sugar plant). The event summoned a significant group of representatives of business and science, as well as industry organizations and the largest companies in the Polish chemical sector as well as international companies operating on the Polish market. The main topic of the talks were the current challenges with emphasis put on the need to tighten the cooperation between business entities and the world of science – for the benefit of entrepreneurs, employees and, consequently, end customers.

PROZAP’s CEO Dr. Arkadiusz Sułek took part in an expert panel on investment, innovation and cooperation. In it, he shared his knowledge about the management of a specialized design and engineering company PROZAP is, and on the relationships between the technology provider and the investor, as well as about the practical aspects of innovation, investment and new technologies. He also pointed to the growing role and the need to search for new sources of hydrogen and electricity, as well as striving for zero-emission plants and a circular economy. In his speech, he also explained the most important principles for the effective financing of industrial projects.

“The many conversations with business partners and the interest in the PROZAP stand proves that the company is a stable, reliable and important partner in such a demanding market sector as designing industrial facilities for the chemical industry,” says Arkadiusz Sułek. “The Polish Chemistry Congress – this year, finally in the long-awaited stationary form, enabling direct meetings – is a great opportunity to build long-term business relationships with all participants of our part of the industrial market,” adds Mr. Sułek.