PROZAP at AFA conference in Tunis

PROZAP participated in Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA) conference and exhibition which took place 29 June – 2 July 2010 in Tunis, Tunisia. PROZAP’s CEO, Maria Skorupka delivered a presentation „Smart, Investor Friendly Environmental Care – Ammonia and Urea Processing”. Another presentation about a CLEANING UNIT designed by PROZAP to reduce the urea dust and ammonia emission from a urea prilling tower was delivered by PROZAP’s customer, SABIC of Saudi Arabia.

This year’s, 23rd edition of AFA conference was devoted to the issues related to personnel, plant and environment protection and safety. It was attended by over 200 delegates representing major producers from Middle East and North Africa, as well as engineering companies, technology providers and equipment manufacturers for the fertilizer industry.

In the exhibition part, PROZAP had a stand which enjoyed much interest. Also a number of delegates took part in the company’s presentation about PROZAP’ achievements related to environment protection, especially the CLEANING UNIT, a scrubbing system designed to reduce the emission of product dust and ammonia from urea and ammonium nitrate plants, a reference AdBlue project and a novel power plant flue gas desulphurisation technology.

Much interesting information about the CLEANING UNIT was presented by SABIC’s delegate from Al-Jubail in Saudi Arabia, where one of PROZAP designed emission reduction systems from urea prilling towers is located. The system contributed to SABIC’s third prize in the RC Environmental Award 2009.

„I think our participation in this year’s AFA event was a success. Our products and services enjoyed much interest. We are also very proud that thanks to our solutions, our clients are able to achieve their goals, the most important of which is sustainability accompanied by environmental awareness,” says Mr Czesław Kawalec, PROZAP’s expert in the field of reduction of the emission from fertilizer plants.