Technical University of Lodz visits PROZAP

On May 7th PROZAP was visited by students of the Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Lodz. The group of nearly 40 people was getting accustomed with the peculiarities of work in a multi-discipline engineering company: the design process, activities in every discipline as well as modern design and engineering tools, e.g. PDS and Smart Plant software.

“The tours like this one give the students a chance to get a glimpse of the future, that is to familiarize with the real-life environment and tasks they will have to face after graduation when they have found a job in the industry”, explains Ph.D. Robert Adamski, in charge of the group. “The students eagerly take part in such events. This year students of II, III and IV year of the Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering came along.”

The visits of the students of the Technical University of Lodz to PROZAP have a long tradition as the company highly appreciates the close contacts with the world of science. There are numerous examples of students who after graduation followed their careers as PROZAP’s valuable engineers.