Us in the Media: Nitrogen + Syngas, Emissions control from AN prilling towers
ns-mag-313-thumbThe latest issue of Nitrogen+Syngas Magazine (September-October 2011, no. 313) includes a technical article by PROZAP Engineering concerning the issue of emissions control from AN prilling towers.

“Environmental regulations dictate that a cleaning system is required to treat the dust and ammonia emissions from ammonium nitrate prilling towers. M. Skorupka, C. Kawalec, and B.Koletka of PROZAP Engineering Ltd discuss the advantages of the PROZAP AN Cleaning Unit, which is suitable for both new and existing plants, complies with existing and future emissions regulations, can be used to treat large volumes of gas and has a low pressure drop system that results in substantial energy savings.”

Full text is available from the N+S website:

“Emissions control from AN prilling towers” Nitrogen+Syngas Magazine. September-October 2011, wyd. 313