Us in the Media: Fertilizer International discusses PROZAP’s urea and ammonia emission abatement systems
fertilizer-international-prozapThe latest issue (May-June 2012) of Fertilizer International magazine reports on the major plant revamps that are coming on stream in the ammonia and urea sectors, focusing on the technologies supplied.
Apart from projects by Urea Casale, Stamicarbon, Haldor Topsoe i KBR the article presents PROZAP’s emission abatement systems for urea granulation sections, which enable existing production plants to meet current environmental requirements:

Ever tightening emissions legislation and the continuing escalation in feedstock prices are the hammer and anvil that are spurring a wave of ammonia and urea plant revamps throughout the world. The modernisation of a plant also provides an opportunity to remove all other inefficiencies, address reliability issues and enhance plant capacity, harnessing the latest in production technologies.

The Polish company, PROZAP Engineering has gained considerable experience in designing and installation of granular urea cleaning units. The design of the PROZAP scrubbers and demisters features a low pressure drop of approximately 800 Pa, which results in relatively low energy consumption for transporting such a considerable amount of gas.

Full text of the article is available for download from the website of the publisher: