(Polski) Nitrogen + Syngas 2012

PROZAP Engineering was present at Nitrogen + Syngas conference and exhibition, which took place on 20 – 23 February 2012 in Athens, Greece. This year’s edition was attended by nearly five hundred representatives of companies of the syngas sector from Europe, Asia, America and Middle East. PROZAP’s exhibition booth and lecture attracted a number of visitors.
The conference was devoted to both, technical and market and business aspects of chemical synthesis based on syngas. Various current issues were discussed, i.e. innovation in ammonia production, manufacturing of catalysts, nitrogen fertilizers and chemicals such as urea, ammonium nitrate, methanol and others.

On PROZAP’s company stand, visited by numerous participants of the conference, various specialty services were on display, for instance de-dusting systems for fertilizer finishing sections as well as recent major reference projects – new oxygen plant, ammonia and urea plant revamping and an innovative flue gas desulphurization system (wet, ammonia method).

On 23rd of February, during the conference sessions, PROZAP’s President & CEO Mrs Maria Skorupka, delivered a speech concerning two case studies of retrofitting an existing de-dusting/ammonia removal system in a urea plant. The presentation enjoyed much interest from the audience – there were many additional questions asked and the discussion extended beyond the session.

– We are very glad that our solutions enjoy growing interest from our clients. Meetings like this one help us to be in direct contact with potential customers from all over the world and intense networking, which helps being aware of the customer’s individual needs and at the same time inspires ideas for new, profitable business, says Maria Skorupka.