NITROGEN+SYNGAS 2010 in Bahrain

PROZAP took part in the International Conference and Exhibition NITROGEN+SYNGAS 2010, which took place in Bahrain, 28 Feb – 3 March. The event summoned major licensors from nitrogen fertilizers and syngas-based industries as well as engineering companies, equipment manufacturers and producers from all over the world.

PROZAP actively participated in this probably the most important, international event of the chemical industry. The company’s stand, where the environment protection systems and other specialty engineering services were presented, was visited in numbers by the conference’s attendees. The CLEANING UNIT, a system for removing product dust and ammonia from exit air from prilling towers and granulators enjoyed continuous interest for its high efficiency, low pressure drop and flexibility of application.

In the company’s presentation Ms Maria Skorupka, President & CEO, acquainted the listeners with PROZAP’s latest achievements, i.a. successful commissioning of the CLEANING UNIT system in one of the countries of Middle East and a novel technology for power plant flue gas desulphurization.

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