EXPOCHEM 2011 in Katowice

PROZAP Engineering participated in 4th International Chemical Industry Exhibition and International Conference EXPOCHEM 2011, which took place in Katowice, Poland, 23 – 24 February 2011.
PROZAP presented their experience in ammonia, urea, AdBlue, ammonium nitrate, UAN, ammonium sulphate, nitric and sulphuric acids, melamine, caprolactam, TDI, emission control of ammonia, urea and ammonium nitrate dust, nitrogen oxides, sulphur di-oxide, storage and loading-unloading facilities.

Participation in Expochem in Katowice, Poland, apart from allowing us to present our services, gives an opportunity to asses the present situation on the market – says Urszula Pasternacka, PROZAP’s Projects Management Director w PROZAP-ie. – Tegoroczne targi zgromadziły blisko 2000 osób, w tym wysokich przedstawicieli największych polskich firm chemicznych, co plasuje je w czołówce spotkań branżowych.

EXPOCHEM 2011 is an exhibition that is not only a venue for presenting the achievements of the chemical industry, but primarily a forum where companies – suppliers of raw materials, technologies and equipment without which the chemical industry would not be able to function properly, can present their products and services. The exhibition presents new infrastructure and logistic technologies, environmental protection solutions, and possibilities for cooperation between the chemical industry and scientific research units.

More information can be found online at www. expochem.pl