No discrepancies – ISO 9001:2008 certificate renewed

PROZAP Engineering Ltd was certified for compliance of its Quality Management System with the latest edition of ISO 9001:2008 standard for the activities related to designing and revamping of chemical plants, general and municipal construction, managing procurement and acting as an EPC Contractor.

“The Quality Management System has been used in our company since 24 November 1998 and so far we have successfully gone through five re-certification procedures”, says Henryka Bałabuch-Radtke, The Board Proxy and Quality System Manager.

Not only the SGS Polska auditors did not find any discrepancies but even emphasised in the audit report prowess in a number of aspects, e.g. efficient management of the company in the recent years (2008-2009) despite the economic crisis.

“We are aware that there is room for improvement in every system, but the positive assessment of our organization, which is well earned by the whole PROZAP’s personnel, enables us to look forward with reasonable hope to further sustainable growth of the company,” emphasizes Henryka Bałabuch-Radtke.